God Says Dont Celebrate Pagen Holidays In My Name

Winter solstice rituals are just part of your annual tradition, along with dressing your home with non-denominational but kinda-pagan holiday decorations. and. save it. I don’t know. Here are a.

Feb 18, 2019. Another reason why true Christians should not use the cross is because too. If we follow what you say here, then we shouldn't use the Bible because. Jesus anymore because a lot of people have done bad things in His name. that when you celebrate Christmas, you are celebrating a pagan holiday?

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Dec 1, 2005. “I am very careful about using God's name and Christ's name because I don't want to put it in vain. “It is a fact that we are not told to celebrate the birth of Jesus, though it. “However, it may not make sense to bow to the mixture of Pagan. His Apostles, these people should give Book, Chapter, and Verse,

CELEBRATIONS OF HIS WORD. We are to rejoice in the Lord’s salvation, ¹⁷ in God’s promises,¹⁸ in our inheritance,¹⁹ in the hope of the glory of God,²⁰ and rejoice that our names are written in Heaven.²¹ This is my favorite, Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion. Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem. See, your King comes to.

Do You Think We Should Say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? By ladym33. @ladym33 (11007). to my pagan friends/family. i guess its really what the ppl in ur community etc r used to saying/hearing. they can tell me, "Happy Hanukkah" or whish me a happy or merry whatever they do celebrate. If they don’t celebrate anything and I say.

We don’t answer. But at least the holiday will be over. I hate Halloween. I hate all the pagan holidays, but Halloween is especially difficult to endure because I know in my heart it’s harmless fun.

Dec 20, 2017  · Just because I don’t celebrate a holiday does not give me cause to be rude, nor should anyone be rude to me because I don’t. When someone says "Merry Christmas"or "happy Holidays " my response has always been, thanks and please stay safe. Good manners and common curtesy should be a part of a Christians way of life.

The churchdecided to use the Pagan holiday of the Saturnalia, which was acelebration to the sun god as the date. Although, my understanding is, that even if he was, they stillwouldn’t celebrate as.

This is not what the Bible says. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says that “where two or three are gathered in my name. believe in God without the church, could celebrate Christmas without it, or.

Christmas is an old pagan holiday that was converted by the early christians to represent the birth of Christ and so forth. Never understood the ban on Thanksgiving- but apparently you are suppose to.

So they basically mixed a pagan celebration with a christian one. Big mistake! The Encyclopedia Americana says. Like at my church instead of dressing as a demon or something, we dress as a.

Some prefer to celebrate in a low-key way, or not at all. Here are the paths residents in our region took to the holidays. of her name. "It’s about accepting myself as who I am," Allen says, softly.

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How God Hijacked The Holidays. My take on the holidays and the true meaning of Christmas differs greatly to my mother’s. Originally, Christmas was a pagan (literally meaning ‘not Christian’) festival to celebrate the shortest day of the year. By the old calendar, that was December 25th.

Dec 18, 2013. The Bible doesn't directly explain why Christmas takes place in the winter. some scholars argued that the holiday should be observed in the spring. its celebration of the Nativity with pre-existing pagan festivals. Jesus' birth would be to date his death, which the Gospels say happened at Passover.

What was once a holiday about Celtic rituals and deep traditions is now about cheap costumes and admission to a homemade haunted house. A holiday about the birth of a religious figure or the fear of a pagan god is now about a fat man in a suit and how many presents you can buy for your kids.

Tradition: The True Meaning of Holidays. Many of us can’t even remember the true meaning of the holidays. Memorial Day has morphed from remembering our fallen soldiers to the unofficial beginning of summer. Labor Day’s role in recognizing the achievements of organized labor now just marks the end of summer and a return to school. Veterans Day is honored as a day off from work.

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Dec 14, 2017  · What do you celebrate or observe or participate in? 1. When I say I celebrate civil holidays, my wife would spit in laughter because I really don’t celebrate them-I guess I acknowledge them. Yea, the LD! That was number 1 on my list.look at my post again. No, I don’t celebrate any festivals. The only thing I would celebrate is if the.

Christmas is a "pagan holiday," they say. It originated with a celebration dedicated to Saturn (the Roman god of agriculture. Please, Christmasphobes, stick to your guns. Don’t let a few tears.

Dec 4, 2012. Families and friends are what create the celebration of the season, and. I think Happy Holidays says it all and prefer to leave it that way. is the name. But they'd howl if the ancient pagan and secular was removed, wouldn't they?. So you should stop celebrating Christmas, its about your Lord and.

Jan 27, 2016. Valentine's Day is among the most popular Christian holidays in the world today. Lupercalia is celebrated to honor not God, but pagan gods namely Lupercus ( god of. 2: Bible says to flee sexual immorality. Valentine's Day is nothing but a recycled pagan holiday repackaged with a “Christian” name.

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including how they celebrate turkey day, or don’t. “Why shouldn’t we take part in this? We are American, we are living here, and why not take part in a holiday that does not go against my religion in.

Tell the average guy on the street – one who actually realizes there is a connection between Christ and Christmas – that some Christians don’t celebrate the holiday and you’ll. that Christmas.

Perhaps most importantly, you don’t have to be a priest to be a dedicated and effective (and busy!) Pagan or polytheist. I wasn’t sure if it was a God or a mighty-but-not-divine spirit… though I.

I don’t celebrate christmas, it’s too mutable of a thing (Page 1) profile | register. It really is more like "Happy Holidays" in our house. My husband and I are a Uranian couple. and the holiday is super commercialized, but you don’t have to participate in that fashion. It’s simply intended to be a day to focus on that aspect of the faith.

Jul 20, 2012. Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to celebrate birthdays, based on what are. better than birth – undue honour; Not celebrated by Jews or Christians; Pagan. “The Bible reports only two birthday celebrations, both of persons who. had these details recorded in his Word, which he says is “beneficial for.

Dec 02, 2007  · Jawaban Terbaik: Christmas is hardly a religious holiday anymore – not even to Christians! It’s become heavily commercialised, but even still it’s regarded as the family event of the year. Kids go for the presents, older family go to catch up with.

Dec 31, 2013  · Why don’t you celebrate Christmas? Because Christmas is a lie about Jesus Christ which God doesn’t accept. Also it’s a non-Christian holiday. If you found out about the origins of Christmas would it change your views on Christmas? Yes when I found out about the origins of Christmas, my views changed on Christmas and I stopped celebrating it.

The holidays are celebrated from an Israeli perspective; they celebrate TuBishvat. when I see the long line at the bakery at Golders Green, I say to myself, ‘Oh my God, don’t let anything happen.’".

Oct 31, 2018  · Now, let’s not get into the origins of holidays because you have to think of it this way…though most holidays are built on pagan tradition, Halloween has ALWAYS been occultic. Here is what God says about celebrating these types of things:. personally don’t celebrate Halloween and why. I hope that the scriptures that I.

Either there is a battle to take it down totally, or someone fights to get a Chanukkiyah (that’s the real name, not Menorah), Kwanzaa candles, or a symbol of some other religion’s holiday placed.

Oct 18, 2004  · Now, I just enjoy it as a secular holiday and don’t try to ‘keep Christ in Christmas’ or to try and justify why we do certain traditions because of any similarities there may be to what’s described in the scriptures. I don’t go out of my way to try and make it a religious holiday or to keep it ‘pagan’ either.

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Im a non-believer and I still celebrate the holiday. Most people dont notice nor care that this is the symbolic day of christs birth. Its nothing more then a commericalism holiday now and if you knew anything about this holiday you would know it is actually a pagan holiday adopted by early christians.

Jan 9, 2017. They don't celebrate other holidays, some don't even celebrate birthdays, seeing holiday and birthday celebrations as forms of Pagan and self-worship. common name is just United Church of God, or known by the acronym UCG. Some people might say that I am a "Bible-thumper" or someone who has.

Apr 3, 2010. We should embrace the pagan symbolism of Easter. Today, we see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinox, whilst. What is interesting to note here is that in the ancient world, wherever you had popular resurrected god myths, Today will be busiest day for Easter holiday traffic, says AA. The.

Easter is the primary Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord. However, the English. The old pagan celebrations of Easter are for those who don't know Jesus. Don't get hung up on the name "Easter." But focus.

My Jewish. her name not be used so she wouldn’t be seen as criticizing her child’s school.) “Even if you don’t bring Christmas into your class, it’s everywhere,” she said. “The idea that a school.

Mar 27, 2016. There is nothing about a pagan lunar celebration in here. The fact is that there are only two languages in which the name has any pagan.

Mar 26, 2016. Another group of Christians choose to celebrate the pagan holiday easter by trying to. In other words, the BIBLE says we can NOT “christianize” the pagan holidays. it by using some other name, are preaching another gospel – another Jesus. “Do not worship God like the pagans worship their idols.

Contrary to the Christian-hype, Halloween is a secular holiday, not a small-p pagan or a capital-P Pagan one. And most Wiccante Pagans, celebrate Sahwin. And I like the name “All Hallows”, which.

We weren’t allowed to celebrate any holidays at all, because they’re all too pagan, even Easter. But I want to tell my parents that I love them. And I want to say that my parents were good parents.